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  • Intergalactic Imagination Celebration
    May 18, 2016
    | Zee
    The Intergalactic Imagination Celebration!
    The final party of the Artists in Communities Residency Program at Trout Lake Community Centre.  Come celebrate with Francoise, Zee and Emily in John Hendry Park for an evening of family friendly fun!
    Request music to our Gramophone DJ Martin Riesle! Make Space Hats! Check out art installations and a photo show! Have your fortune told by the the mysterious "Magic Trout"
    Stay late for a movie in the park presented by the Trout Lake Youth Council...
  • Open House + Maker Ed Meetup
    | Zee
    Open House + Maker Education Meetup
    Hosted by Artist Zee Kesler and Dethe Elza
    May 21, 11-2pm 
    The Magic Trout Imaginarium is partnering with the Maker Ed Initiative to give you the opportunity to meet makers, parents, teachers, librarians and educators passionate about hands on learning and making.
    Join us just outside the Imaginarium for a meet and greet, and hear about the future of our project and all how about the Vancouver Tool Library's new mobile project and Vancouver Maker Faire; a show and tell...
  • We're in UBC's Education Curriculum!
    Over a year ago I was having a meeting with Design Nerd Mitra Mansour of Creative Room in a coffee shop in Kits. We were discussing ideas of how to utilize mobile spaces for civic engagement and educational purposes. Little did we know, sitting beside us was Professor Stephen Petrina of the Curriculum Development and Pedagogy department at UBC. 
    Stephen confessed he was listening in on our conversation and invited us to come to UBC to host a presentation for his students and...
  • ITA Youth Day Conference
    | Zee
    This past month, I was invited to present a talk on "Maker Culture" and my experience building my project the Tiny Community Center  at the ITA Youth Day  conference for career educators.  For this, I invited along Emily Smith,  the founding director of Vancouver Maker Faire and the Director of Education for VIVO Media Arts Centre  as well as  Nathyn Sanche , a local maker and Red Seal Welder involved in the project Embrace Vancouver . Presenting alongside us was a local teacher...
  • The Magic Trout Imaginarium!
    On Oct 3, 2015, the Tiny Community Center opened its (tiny) doors for its first public project: The Magic Trout Imaginarium!
    It was so rewarding and heart warming to see long time project supporters, participants of our "Learn to Build" workshop and all of our friends at our opening! A LOT of people came! (An estimated 500 people!)
    The project is a partnership made possible through the Vancouver Parks Board's Artists in Communities program and Trout Lake Community Centre. For the residency, Tiny Community...
  • Tour of a Mobile Classroom
    Jenna and Guillaume of Tiny House Giant Journey were in town on their big trip(they've spent the past 9 months on the road in their tiny house!) They stopped in to document our build! The Tiny Comunity Center is startings its first project: Magic Trout Imaginarum which starts this summer at Trout Lake.
    Check it out!
  • Tiny Community Center gets its own website!
    October 25, 2014
    Screenshot 2015-03-01 at 4.31.52 PM.png
    As the Tiny Community Centre gets ready to leave its build site at the Vancouver Community Laboratory , I decided it was about time the project had its own webpage.
    On it, you will find information on current progress of the house and come springtime, information on workshops and ways to get involved!
    Upcoming projects/happenings
    • Securing space for mobile community spaces at empty gas station lots in Vancouver
    • Upcoming "Tiny House...
  • Tiny Community Centre is nearing completion!
    The Tiny House Building Workshop Series is finished, and now the Tiny Community Centre is nearly finished too! It's been a month since the workshop wrapped up and I wanted to share what I learned, so those of you thinking of building a tiny house can learn from some of the challenges we faced.
    The Workshop
    Although our original plan was to build the house alongside the workshop in a step by step process, certain...
  • Learning & Building!
    August 20, 2014
    There's only 3 workshops left in the Tiny House Building Workshop Series and I couldn't be happier. Wait, that came out wrong, not because it's almost done, but because I am so inspired by Josh and John as well as all of our workshop participants! I am so glad to to have had the opportunity to work all of them because they have made this whole experience more fun than I ever could have imagined! I am also excited for...
  • Upcoming Solar/Electrical & Plumbing Workshops
    July 28, 2014
    It's been 3 weeks since the Tiny House Building Workshop started! So far we've learned how to select a sturdy trailer, build flooring and wall systems, learned how roofing is installed and ventilates and circulates air!
    Since the workshop started, I've been able to slow down on the organizational aspects of the project and focus on taking in the information as a student. After 4 weeks, I have to say Josh and John are fantastic teachers and have made...
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