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  • Upcoming Solar/Electrical & Plumbing Workshops
    It's been 3 weeks since the Tiny House Building Workshop started! So far we've learned how to select a sturdy trailer, build flooring and wall systems, learned how roofing is installed and ventilates and circulates air!
    Since the workshop started, I've been able to slow down on the organizational aspects of the project and focus on taking in the information as a student. After 4 weeks, I have to say Josh and John are fantastic teachers and have made...
  • First weekend of workshops a success!
    Tiny housers are renegades!
    This past weekend, we hosted our first 2 workshops: An Introduction to Tiny Houses and Building Small on Saturday, and on Sunday, Trailers & Foundations. During the first workshop, we were lucky enough to meet a wide range of inspiring participants working towards living  a more sustainable lifestyle. From engineers to permaculturalists, our group were talented and diverse!
    On Saturday, designer and tiny house business owner John McFarlane taught us about design considerations for tiny...
  • 9 Week Intensive & Weekend courses
    Are you Interested in Tiny Houses?
    Do you want to know what's involved in building one?
    Starting in July, we are offering a range of hands on workshops designed to give you the knowledge and skills you need to learn to build your own tiny house!

    What you get

    Talented, knowledgeable teachers who are experts on the subjects of tiny houses and all parts of the build including: trailer and foundation selection and prep, carpentry, finishing, design, plumbing, electrical...

  • Officially launched! Donate/Sign up Now!

    The Tiny House Project is officially launched!!

    Let's Make Community Happen!
    Be a part of this project by raising awareness about tiny houses here in Vancouver!
    Donate or participate in the Tiny House Building Workshop Series!
    Even $1 helps! 
    We also have some really cool acknowledgements/prizes starting at $15 including the opportunity to document your participation in the project by engraving your name in the completed Tiny Community Center, beautiful...
  • Let the building begin!
    Tiny Housers are renegades! From engineers to gardeners and permaculturalists, it was great to meet so many inspiring people with such a wide variety of interests and skills attend the first workshops in the Tiny house Building Workshop series this past weekend. 
    After a general overview of the small house movement on Saturday, we started Sunday with a workshop on trailer selection with Red Seal Welder Nathyn Sanche and basic foundations with Form Builder/Set Carpenter Josh Armstrong.  Next week...
  • 3d Model & Project Update!
    It's happening!
    Last week our designer John McFarlane of Camera Buildings sent over a rough sketchup of the house! A few details will change with the design(we are still working out placement of the windows and sizes due to the salvage situation) but I love what he's done with the back facade!
    Things are moving along on all other fronts as well; this past week we found a trailer, we just need to secure the paperwork as well as fix a few things(thanks Nathyn!), Secondly,  ...
    Screen shot 2014-04-28 at 11.33.13 PM_edited.png
  • Why the City of Vancouver Should Legalize Tiny Houses
    If we stand a chance in slowing the rate of climate change, we need to make a radical shift in not only our daily habits, but also where we live. To do this effectively, there needs to be the willingness to innovate on a municipal level. Lucky for Vancouverites, the City Vancouver created the Greenest City Action Plan(GCAP) in order to become the world’s greenest city by the year 2020. The plan aims to reduce carbon emissions and reduce construction waste by promoting the...
  • Tiny House Building Workshop Survey
    So it's getting closer and closer each day!
    As I'm sure you know, I am planning a tiny house building workshop in association with Camera Buildings this summer and I would love to have your input!
    The workshop will start in June and run 2 days a week for approx 3 hours a day until the end of August. In order for our instructors to offer the best course possible, we need your input!
  • Demolition of 1735 east 33rd
    Getting the word out about this project has really paid off!
    A few weeks ago, my friend Jenna 'heard through the grapevine' that a house her friend lived in was being demolished ; the demo company was looking for people to reuse any useful materials from the house. She directed me to facebook page for Vancouver Co Housing.
    I sent Vancouver CoHousing a message and immediately recieved a response from an awesome lady named Tayrn. As it turns out, she happens to be good...
  • Introducing the Tiny Community Centre/Urban Salvagers workshop series!

    The Tiny Community Centre/Urban Salvagers program brings together communities of trades workers, architects, artists, inventors, educators & urban gardeners to collaboratively build an inspiring mobile structure & workshop space for skill sharing. Built almost entirely out of recycled materials, the aesthetic calls the viewer to examine the waste generated in their own lives & consider how it can be repurposed to create positive social change.

    The high cost of living & lack of affordable rental space makes it difficult for...
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